Padma Nervotonin


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Padma Nervotonin is a Tibetan herb formulation made in Switzerland in strict accordance with the principles of Tibetan medicine.  It is based on traditional formula Srog’zin 10 (pronounce: Sogzin). According to the herbal doctrine, it has warming properties and is of (orally) astringent nature. The formula is used to treat disbalance in the pulmonary energy flow (wind). Padma Nervotonin has calming effects. It facilitates mental balance, peace of mind and undisturbed sleep.

Nepali hog plum 60 mg, asafoetida 35 mg, fenugreek 15 mg, palo santo wood 50 mg, costus 40 mg, nutmeg 40 mg, arjun tree fruit 40 mg, clover 30 mg, goldenrod flowers 30 mg, frankincense 20 mg

Counteracts moods of dejection, depressiveness, melancholia, tenseness, stress, strain and mental unrest. Soothes and relaxes. Promotes mental harmony and facilitates an even temper.

none identified

Adverse effects:    
none identified

Interaction with other remedies:
none identified

Dosing and consumption:
Unless directed otherwise, take 1 to 2 every day before the meals with plenty of (hot) water. (The water should be as hot as possible).

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