Padma Basic



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Padma Basic is a Tibetan herb formulation made in Switzerland in strict accordance with the principles of Tibetan medicine. It consists of 20 different herbal substances that improve the condition of the vascular walls and the physical resistance and have antioxidant properties.

Costi amari rad., Lichen islandicus, Meliae tousend fruct., Cardamomi fruct., Myrobalani fruct., Santali rubri lign., Amomi fruct., Aegle sepiar fruct., Calcii sulfus pulv., Aquilegiae vulgaris fol., Liquiritiae rad., Plantaginis herba, Polygoni avicul. herba, Potentillae aureae herba, Caryophylli flos, Hedychii rhizoma, Sidae cordifoliae herba, Valerianae rad., Lactucae sativae fol., Calendulae flos cum calycibus, D-Camphora

Dosing and consumption:
Unless directed otherwise, take 2 capsules 2 to 3 times a day half an hour before the meals with plenty of water.

none identified

Adverse effects:
none identified

Interaction with other remedies:
none identified

Stimulates the blood flow, reinforces the vascular walls, eases heavy legs and counteracts cold hand and feet.  Lowers the cholesterol level, has antioxidant properties and improves physical resistance.

Please refer to “Applications“.
Package size:
Pack of 200 capsules