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About Padma Basic

Explore the power of natural support with Padma Basic! This unique composition, inspired by the ancient traditions of Tibet, not only promotes a healthy circulation1 but also naturally supports your immune system2.

Padma Basic is a Tibetan herbal preparation that is manufactured in Switzerland, entirely in accordance with the principles of Tibetan health science. The preparation contains 21 different plant-based ingredients. Tibetan health science aims to maintain the body in optimal health and condition.

Padma Basic and Padma 28N (registered medicine in Switzerland) are both based on the Tibetan Gabur formula and both contain 21 Tibetan herbs. Dive into the rich history of traditional herbal medicine and modern innovation as you give your well-being a natural boost.


Ingredient (Latin) Ingredient (EN) Amount (per 6 capsules)
Aucklandiae radicis pulvis (Costi amari radicis pulvis) aucklandia root 240 mg
Lichen islandici pulvis Iceland moss 240 mg
Meliae tousend fructus pulvis neem fruit 210 mg
Cardamomi fructus pulvis cardamom fruit 180 mg
Myrobalani fructus pulvis myrobalan fruit 180 mg
Santali rubri ligni pulvis red sandalwood 180 mg
Pimentae fructus pulvis allspice 150 mg
Aegle sepiar fructus pulvis bael tree fruit 120 mg
Calcii sulfas hemihydricus calcium sulphate 120 mg
Aquilegiae vulgaris herbae pulvis columbine 90 mg
Liquiritiae radicis pulvis liquorice root 90 mg
Plantaginis lanceolatae folii pulvis ribwort plantain 90 mg
Polygoni avicularis herbae pulvis knotgrass 90 mg
Potentillae aureae herbae pulvis potentilla golden herb 90 mg
Caryophylli floris pulvis clove 72 mg
Kaempferiae galangae rhizomatis pulvis Kaempferia galanga rhizome 60 mg
Sidae cordifoliae herbae pulvis heart-leaved sida 60 mg
Valerianae radicis pulvis valerian root 60 mg
Lactucae sativae folii pulvis lettuce leaf 36 mg
Calendulae floris cum calyce pulvis calendula flower head 30 mg
D-Camphora D-camphor 24 mg

Dosing and consumption

Unless directed otherwise, take 2 capsules 2 to 3 times a day half an hour before the meals with plenty of water.


none identified

Adverse effects

none identified

Interaction with other remedies

none identified


As recommended by your doctor/health practitioner.

The carefully selected herbs and minerals work together to promote your circulation1, which can contribute to a lively and active life. Furthermore, it helps support your immune system2, so you feel strong and resilient, ready to face the challenges of modern life. Choose Padma Basic and embrace the power of nature for a balanced lifestyle. Feel vital, feel strong – every day anew.

1 Camphora helps maintain healthy blood vessels.
2 Myrobalani supports the immune system.
1, 2 Evaluation of health claim is ongoing.