Tibetan Formulation

Made in Switzerland

  • More than 2500 years of experience
  • Scientifically analyzed  
  • 100% – RAW – untreated herbs

The Padma Family

From Tibet, the land of the Himalayas, the roof of the world, comes one of the oldest and continuously practiced herbal traditions. A tradition of more than twenty-five hundred years, from a people who literally lived on lonely heights for centuries.

The Padma Familie

Uit Tibet, het land van de Himalaya, het dak van de wereld, komt een van de oudste en onafgebroken uitgeoefende kruidentradities. Een traditie van meer dan vijfentwintighonderd jaar oud, van een volk dat eeuwenlang letterlijk op eenzame hoogte heeft geleefd.

Padma Basic

For maintaining strong blood vessels, helps lower cholesterol, has an antioxidant effect and stimulates the immune system. Read more →

Padma Nervotonin

Use with stress or tension. Is used for a good mental balance, inner peace and a healthy sleep. Read more →

Padma Digestin

Aids digestion. Used when bloating after eating. For a good bowel function. Read more →

Padma Hepaten

Stimulates hepatic and biliary functions. Supports the detoxification of liver and gall bladder and gently stimulates intestinal activity.
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Padma Aciben

Counteracts postprandial fullness and flatulence. Stimulates gastric activity, Supports digestive and hepatic functions.
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Padma Venaben

Padma Venaben is a Tibetan herb formulation made in Switzerland in strict accordance with the principles of Tibetan medicine. Read more →

Getting down to the root of the troubles

The idea of treating only the symptoms of a specific condition is like wanting to remove a poisonous plant from your garden by cutting off its leaves and twigs. It will not take long until it grows back even stronger because its roots have not been torn out.
– Metaphor from ancient Tibetan writing

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