Shortened General Terms and Conditions SanoPharm Nederland BV having its seat of business in Barneveld, the Netherlands, at Prins Hendrikweg 2.
All our legal relations are solely governed by the complete text of our General Terms and Conditions (Chamber of Commerce in Arnhem of 05-03-1993, number 77609). If so requested, we shall send a copy free of charge. Below a shortened representation of the complete text follows.

The applicability of all other General Terms and Conditions will explicitly be rejected. The Laws of the Netherlands are applicable with exclusion of the Vienna Purchase Laws. The Netherlands’ text is binding.

All our offers are in principle non-binding unless we state a certain validity period. All information and/or data provided with the offer, remain our (intellectual) property and only bind us if this is confirmed explicitly.

Agreements, as well as further promises and/or changes, are firstly binding after our explicit confirmation/acceptation. We are authorised to request surety in advance, as well as to involve third parties for the execution of the agreement.

Our prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of possible shipping costs. Price changes are explicitly reserved.

Delivery and delivery time
Delivery takes place in principle ex our enterprise/warehouse. Only free of charge if and insofar stated by us. Partial deliveries are permitted. Delivery times are stated by approximation. Exceeding hereof never gives a right to compensation of damages. Cancellation is only possible after repeated (excessive) exceeding of the delivery time and after written notification of default by the counterparty, except for in case of Force Majeure from our side. Upon receipt, the delivered must be checked for damage/shortfalls, to be stated on the transport documents. Return shipments, after our approval, are each time for account of the counterparty.

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, transport/packaging takes place for the account and risk of the counterparty, also if the transport documents stated otherwise.
For free of charge deliveries, we refer to you to the customer service page stated on this website.

Non-imputable shortcoming
In case of non-imputable shortcoming we can suspend our obligations or dissolve our agreement.

Except for stipulations mandatory by law, we are not required to any compensation of damage. Our product liability is (also) assessed on the basis of possible liability insurances as well as on the lawful stipulations with regard to product liability. For the remainder, the counterparty safeguards us from each claim to compensation of damages, irrespective of the cause.

Warranty will only be provided under the conditions set by us. If, in our opinion, it has been demonstrated by the counterparty that the delivered does not comply with the normal requirements, then we shall only be required to the delivery free of charge of new goods. Warranty on goods/preparations purchased elsewhere by us exists only if and insofar the manufacturer/supplier provides this.

Reclamations must be brought within 8 days after delivery (8 days after date of the invoice for invoices) in writing to our knowledge, thereafter the counterparty is bound. For hidden defects, a term of 8 days applies after discovery and an ultimate term of 6 months after delivery. Return shipments only with our prior written permission.

Payment and retention of title
Payment takes place in cash upon collection at our location or by making use of one of the payment options stated on the website.
As long as the counterparty has not fully complied with his obligations, then all goods delivered by us, that are still with/under the counterparty, remain our property and are protected by possession less right of lien, and so for the value of what the counterparty is liable to pay to us.
In case of onward selling of goods (not) yet paid, the counterparty is required to cooperate to assignment. The counterparty is obliged to stipulate a similar retention of title towards his buyer.
Disputes will be submitted to the competent court of our seat of business, unless we choose otherwise.