Since 1976, SanoPharm Nederland has been supplier of high-quality healthcare products and food supplements exclusively made by renowned producers.  We offer a broad range of natural remedies for enzyme therapy, homeopathy, energetic treatments and phytotherapy. Additionally, SanoPharm offers food supplements of premium quality like e.g. the entire range of FoodState or WholeFood vitamins and minerals.  
LotusBasicA producer we are proud to represent and who is responsible for the product line on this website is Padma. Padma AG was founded in 1969. The Swiss company combines conventional procedures with alternative therapies based on Tibetan medicine.  
In other words: this company unites Western and Tibetan ideas, both based on a holistic view towards the human being. The pioneering work of Padma AG’s founder Karl LUTZ and scientists from more than 10 countries produced an overview of the applications of Tibetan formulas. Shortly after, the production of Tibetan herb formulations in accordance with Western pharmaceutical standards (GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice) was launched.